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Please Read First!

Post by ~*Anna*~ on Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:56 pm

Welcome to Parents Online

We have 4 tiers of membership here.
Guest boards are open to everyone. However if this is abused it will be taken away
Newbie's are members with less than 50 posts. You get to see more boards but this are limited.
Members who have 50 posts or more are able to see the full scale of all boards except for the secret boards which are available to join through user control panels and that of the legend's lounge.
Once you become a Legend at 5000+ posts you will gain access to our final board.

Everyone is welcome but we would like you to observe these rules:

  • No attacking other members personally, you are entitled to an opinion and this will be respected. We tolerate no personal arguments.

  • Unless there is a game going on please try and refrain from using one word replies as these can be quite annoying to some people.

  • Anything that is said or happens on this forum stays on this forum. If anyone is found to be copying/pasting to other sites or discussing other member's issues elsewhere they will be automatically banned.
    Have fun and enjoy yourselves. If you have an issue with anything at all just pm ~*Anna*~ or TashaClaire


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